The recruitment process begins with the manpower requisition of the clients. Along with this, the clients would include the manpower requirements and qualifications.

  • In order to fill-in the job openings as requested by the clients, UGMR, Inc. participates in recruitment activities and posts job openings online and in leading newspapers.
  • Suitable candidates are sourced from the pool of applicants generated by the manpower databanks (Office (UGRIS) Database and
  • Pre-selected applicants sourced from these databanks will be advised to report to UGMR. Inc, for preliminary screening. Respondents to newspaper advertisements as well as walk-in applicants are expected to submit the necessary requirements for the same purpose.
  • A summary of preselected applicants along with their resumes are sent to the client/employer for screening and selection.

Personnel interview and applicant selection are conducted by the employer. However, in cases wherein the client could not come to Manila to perform these functions the following actions are undertaken:

  • Conduct interview via video conferencing flatforms.
  • The interview may be performed by an authorized representative of the company or an in-house engineer who is knowledgeable in the nature of the job.
  • An appraisal may be requested by the employer after the interview.
  • In cases wherein the employer requires trade test certificates, applicants are sent to authorized trade test centres for testing.
  • Results and certification of trade testing are sent to UGMR. For those Applicants who passed the examination, their certificates or test results along with their resumes are sent to the employer for further evaluation.
  • Selected applicants are offered employment. Information regarding the Job offer indicated by the employer includes their job specification and description, salary, and benefits.
  • Selected applicants are notified regarding their job offer by UGMR staff. However, further information regarding the offer may not be discussed over the phone. Upon notice, they would be requested to submit the necessary documents for processing.

Documents already in possession of the candidates are submitted to UGMR while they are undergoing medical examination and while securing other required documents.

  • After receiving the Employment Offer, the candidates are requested to undergo medical examinations to ensure their medical fitness. Selected applicants whose medical case needs special attention are given medication for treatment over a period of time. However, those applicants whose cases are beyond immediate and acceptable medication, would be withdrawn from the line-up and suitable replacements would be arranged.
  • The documents are submitted by UGMR to DMW, formerly known as POEA for the processing of the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). Upon release, plane tickets are secured for VISA filing at the Embassy concerned. Tickets are issued by the employers thru Pre-paid Ticket Advice (PTA).
  • Resumes of candidates who failed the interviews or otherwise declined the salary offer, are sent back to the manpower data bank of UGMR for future reference.

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