Computer Networking
  • United Global Recruitment Information System (UGRIS). Our organization is equipped with a computerized system which simplifies HR functions. This computerized system enables record-keeping and maintenance of applicant records to be done in a smooth and accurate manner.
  • Subscription to online advertising companies which enables online viewing of job openings for online job hunters.
  • Technologically advanced networking which responds to the urgent needs for qualified workers through online databank of resumes from online applicants.

Our Computer Network System is connected to the World Wide Web which facilitates an easier and faster way of sourcing and pre-selecting applicants.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Recruitment Staff
  • Our Recruitment Team is composed of highly qualified and well-trained recruitment professionals and staff, whose leaders have more than 15 years extensive experience in the recruitment business. This includes the recruitment and deployment of high-caliber Filipino job candidates in various categories, such as:
    • Skilled Workers.
    • Semi-skilled Workers.
    • Unskilled Workers.

UGMR is recognized by Overseas Employers through a successful business partnership which has been nurtured for more than 20 years now. This clearly demonstrates the quality of service and the good reputation of the company, which it considers as a valuable asset.

Reasonable Placement Fees

Our concern for our job applicants does not stop in finding them a good employer. We value their trust in us and care for them, by charging them placement fees that are legal and reasonable. Wherever possible, we also implement a "Salary deduction" scheme on a case-to-case basis.

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